I’m going to be honest with you; I had no idea what I was doing when I went through rush my freshman year. No one in my family had ever done Greek life and the few friends I had that went through it were rushing at the same time as me. After a rollercoaster of emotions I ended up finding my sisters in an amazing sorority. Over the past two years, I have made lifelong friendships, encountered dozens of opportunities to better myself, and have experienced some of the most fun I’ve ever had through my sorority. Going through rush is such an overwhelming experience, but the outcome is so valuable once you find your home. Although finding my sorority was so worth it, I wish I had been more prepared for rush going in. Here are things to know moving forward.

First of all, don’t go in with any expectations. Greek life in general has a lot of negative stereotypes, and every chapter has a stereotype that goes with it. Don’t pay attention to any rumors you hear. Above all, most negative stereotypes you will hear come from people trying to bash on a specific sorority, not because it’s who they actually are. Go in with an open mind and walk through each house aiming to make friends – you never know which sorority is going to be your new home. Also, don’t go in with any expectations of which Greek family you want to be a part of. Although you have probably done tons of research on every house and know exactly which sorority you want to be a part of, your actual experience is going to be completely different than what you expect. I had my heart set on one sorority and when I went through, it was some of the most uncomfortable conversations I’ve ever had in my life. Just stay open minded and everything will be fine.

Second, don’t worry about all the superficial stuff. When I rushed, I was told if you don’t wear the right shade of a color or didn’t cross your legs a certain way, you were going to get cut from a house. Being on the other side of it now, that is completely untrue. Cuts are a part of the process, but it’s not going to be because you wore the wrong wedges. Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you feel confident in. If you don’t feel like you fit in a house, then it’s probably not where you’re meant to be. Also, don’t worry about talking about the “right things” with girls. The only thing girls are doing by asking you questions is trying to get to know you. They’re not trying to trick you and they’re not looking for specific answers. Also, there are bigger things to worry about for your sorority then the color or symbols they have.

A major thing I wish someone had told me going into rush was to not let yourself be insecure. Cuts from houses are inevitable and it can be heartbreaking. Do not let yourself think there is something you did wrong or you weren’t good enough to be at a certain sisterhood. There is an equation that goes into the process of how you rank sororities and how they rank you, which eventually puts you at a final sorority. A lot of cuts are made simply on the fact that sororities have a few thousand come through rush but each sorority is only allowed to take about 80 or so depending on the year.

Jumping off of that, your sorority does not define you as a person. What is a major support system and a world of fun and opportunity is essentially a resource for you to help you as a person, not a defining symbol of who you will be in college. Sororities do not judge girls by who they are, but by the potential of who they can become. They get that the person you are now is not who you are going to be at the end of your first year of college, and especially not the person you are going to be by the time you graduate. Your sorority is the place where you are going to be held to expectations to help shape you into the woman you want to be. Your sorority is going to be the girls who help you learn and grow and they will be the people you can lean on whenever you need them because that’s what sororities are – sisterhood. If you didn’t get the sorority you planned, chances are you are still going to be the person you are meant to be through a different amazing sorority.

While rush can be overwhelming and emotional, the experience is so worth it. I am in a sorority of unconditional love and support. Because of my sorority I have the chance to pursue my passions and help serve the community. Rush is a rollercoaster, but it is so completely worth it.



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